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Автор: Виктория Афонина   
02.08.2012 13:49

Тема: “ Keeping fit”

Оборудование: проектор, экран, ноутбук

Урок составила: Афонина В.Н.

Цели урока:

  • Познавательный аспект – увеличение объема знаний о том, как быть здоровым.
  • Развивающий аспект – развитие умения логично высказываться, развитие презентационных умений (эмоциональное общение) и творческих способностей;
  • Воспитательный аспект – познание своего тела, здорового духа, социума.
    • воспитание культуры общения;
    • поддержание интереса к изучению английского языка;
    • формирование познавательной активности учащегося.
  • Учебный аспект – развитие речевых умений, обучение диалогической и  монологической речи, применение на практике ролевых игр, закрепление грамматического материала.

Задачи урока:

  • Совершенствование речевых умений по теме.
  • Смещение акцента активной деятельности учителя на активную деятельность учащихся.

Good afternoon, dear children and guests. We are glad to see you at our lesson “Keeping fit”   Беседа с детьми о погоде и самочувствии.


Беседа по теме: How are you keeping? Your body and your health.


Teacher:  When someone says  'How are you? do you reply 'Fine thanks, how are you? or do you say 'I'm not feeling very well. I've had a bad cold. I've been off work, and now I've got a dreadful cough.'? Some people never seem to be ill. others have always got something wrong with them... or think they have. Let’s try to find out how you're keeping.


When was the last time you were ill? (When I was 10,  I was ill/ I got colds or flu, or anything more serious/)

Do you worry about staying well? (I think I need to take better care of yourself)

Do you think you're fairly healthy? (I am healthy and I don’t worry much because I do my morning exercise.)

How are you keeping? I go running two or three times a week, and I play tennis. I’m quite fit/

Have you ever had an accident while playing a sport (Yes, I think I probably had/ I went to hospital in an ambulance- there was one because it was race/ I had to have eight stiches/

Have you ever stayed in hospital? (-yes, I have/ Yes, at some time in my life, but it’s not important when   /- No, I have never stayed in hospital/



2.   Now we are going to practice role play. First, I will describe you the situation. The action takes place at the lesson in our gymnasium.  You should act the dialogue and think of reasons why people join a health club. Would you like to join one?   Do it at once.


(Примерный диалог)

-      Look, Jackie, Is there a possibility to go in for sports here?


-      Yes, Sasha. Would you like to go in for some sport?


-      Well, if I am here for some time, I'd like to. What do you think about it?


-      I think it is a good idea, Sasha. I myself like going in for sports. Could we do it together?


-      I think we could.


-Do you think going in for sport is useful? Why?


-      I think it is useful.  You can develop your character and figure, lose weight. You can have fun, playing a team game and meet new friends.


-       But look here, Jackie, what if we go to Central Health Club?  It is very good for health. I’d like to find the exercise programme that suits me.


-      Well, I agree. I think it is good. What days could you go?


-      I'm busy on Monday. I'm in the drama gymnasium club, and we have long rehearsals on Monday. And of course not Saturday or Sunday. I like to spend the weekend with my family.


-      What about Tuesday?


-      Yes. Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday and Thursday are good days. Father could give us a lift because on these days he works in the evening, and leaves home at four. How about going to a fitness club now?


-      Agreed.


3.     Thank you. I am so pleased with your work. So, let’s watching about ways to keep fit.  Now all of you,  look at the board. Tell me, please.  Which ways of keeping fit do they use?

Video “ Visiting a fitness club”    по программе  ‘Reward” pre-intermediate.

Disk 2   Video E     (4.15min)


4.  Watch Part 2 and connect the information with the people. Two people say two similar things.

1-e, 2-a, 3-b,c  4-d, 5-b,c



1.Andy Alford


joined the club twelve months ago


2.Tommy Thompson


has been a member for two weeks


3. Marilyn


has just joined the club


4. Kanesh


uses the club for working out, meeting friends, playing tennis and having fun.


5.Lisa Lozowski


has been working at the Riverside club since June 1996

















5. Match the words on the left with their functions on the right.


1.A health club is

a) used to help strengthen your upper body

2.A cardio-vascular machine is

b)For improving heart and lungs, circulation and stamina

3.A chest press is

c)Used to strengthen stomach muscles

4.An abductor is

d)A place where people go to socialize, to have fun and to get fit

1-d,   2-b,   3-a,   4-c

6. Now stand up please! Useful training can be good for our health.

Let’s do some  exercises.

With your eyes
Counter clock wise
  • Figure eight
With your head
Counter clock wise
Figure eight
With your body
Counter clock wise
Figure eight

Will you change your places. Thank you / Our lesson is going on/





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